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Dan started working and training under the supervision of A-1's founder, past President and veteran Home Inspector, Moe Couture, in June of 1998. 


A-1 Home Insp. Inc.
Manchester, NH
3/99 to present - Home Inspector, President/Owner -  Inspecting single, multi-family and light Commercial structures for prospective buyers and present owners.  Process involves on-site inspection and consultation with Client, report entry and assembly. Follow up customer support via: Telephone or E-Mail. Radon and Water sample acquisition as needed.   Approximately 380 fee paid Inspections per year.
Credentials & Certifications
April, 16, 2015 ASHI-NNEC, Harvey Manufacturing, Protecting Inspection Companies from Litigation
February, 4, 2015 NACHI, How to Inspect HVAC Systems
January, 27, 2015 McKissock, Thermal Imaging for Home Inspectors
September 30 2014 NACHI, How to Inspect Fireplaces, Stoves, Chimneys
September, 30, 2014 McKissock, A Sporifying Encounter
September, 10, 2014 McKissock, Practical and Successful Reporting
April, 17, 2014 ASHI-NNEC, Inspection of Plumbing Systems
February, 11, 2014 ASHI, Ethics for everybody
February, 10, 2014 ASHI, Radon Health effects, Sources, Measurments, Methods and Testing protocols
September, 2, 2013 ASHI, Inspecting Old Houses from the ground up.
April, 15, 2013 NACHI, Roof Inspection
January, 17, 2013 NACHI, Safe practices for the Home Inspector
January, 17, 2013 NACHI, Inspecting Foundation Walls & Piers
September, 20, 2012 ASHI-NNEC, Photo Review of Home Defects, The cost of doing business
January, 10, 2012 NACHI, Deck Inspections
January, 10, 2012 McKissock, FHA 203K Inspections for Home Inspectors
September, 6, 2011 NACHI, Attic, Insulation, Ventilation and Interior
August, 7, 2011 NACHI, 25 Standards every Inspector should know
March, 28, 2011 NACHI, Residential Plumbing Overview
February, 8, 2011 McKissock, What are you doing outside
September, 29, 2010 McKissock, Plumbing cross connections
September, 29, 2010 McKissock, Home Inspection safety
September, 28, 2010 McKissock, Ashi Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
September, 28, 2010 McKissock, Attic Ventilation
September, 24, 2009 ASHI-NNEC, Geothermal Systems, Solar hot water and Pv systems, Wells, Filtration and Radon Water systems.
September, 15, 2009 Kaplin ITA, HVAC Inspection
August, 18, 2009 State of NH, License # 00003
November, 6, 2007 NACHI, Electrical Inspection
Sept, 27, 2007 ASHI-NNEC, Plumbing Codes & New England Modular Homes
July, 30/2007 NACHI, Structural Issues for Home Inspectors
July, 02, 2007 NACHI-NNEC, National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.  Certification# NACHI07070204
June, 23, 2007 ASHI-NNEC, Bring your knowledge to the table
Sept 9, 2006 ASHI-NNEC, Electrical codes/Electrical problems
May 9, 2006 ASHI-NNEC/Pro lab, Mold Assessment
February 11, 2006 ASHI-NNEC, Is it a problem?
September 28, 2005 ASHI-NNEC, Heating Systems
April 16, 2005 ASHI-NNEC, Industry Home Inspection Standards
December 31, 2004 ASHI-NNEC, <Northern New England Chapter of The American Society of Home Inspectors> Elected Secretary, Board of Directors
July 24, 2004 ASHI-NNEC, Interactive Home Inspection seminar  <Hosted and attended>
May 8, 2004 ASHI-NNEC, Electrical Codes - Single Family Dwellings Seminar
January 31, 2004 ASHI-NNEC, ASHI Branding Seminar
September 27, 2003 ASHI-NNEC, Minimizing legal problems through proper report writing seminar
April 12, 2003 ASHI-NNEC, Structural Investigation Seminar
2002 ASHI-NNEC, <Northern New England Chapter of The American Society of Home Inspectors> Elected, Member of the Board of directors.
April 13, 2002 ASHI-NNEC, Building Materials and Water treatment Systems Seminar
July 14, 2001 ASHI-NNEC, Basement Repair - Water proofing Seminar
  ASHI-NNEC <Northern New England Chapter of The American Society of Home Inspectors> Charter member, Elected Chairman of the Technical Committee
September 1, 2000 ASHI <American Society of Home Inspectors, Member Certification #204280
September 1, 2000 Examination  Board of Professional Home Inspectors, National Home Inspector Examination - Passed
September 1, 2000 American Society of Home Inspectors, Standards and Ethics Examination - Passed
July, 1999 School of Building Inspection, Professional Building Inspection Curriculum, level Two
May, 1999 School of Building Inspection, Professional Building Inspection Curriculum, level one
  ASHI-NEC, Protecting your Assets Seminar
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