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How to pick a Home Inspector

We offer this list of questions to ask Inspectors, before using their services, to make your decision more comfortable.

  • ASK if they carry Insurance. (Liability and Errors and Omissions).
  • ASK if they are Members of A.S.H.I (American Society of Home Inspectors). A.S.H.I is the recognized Leader in Education and Professionalism in the Home Inspection Industry. A.S.H.I membership requirements are stringent and they require and monitor continuing education of their Members. This is an Earned credential.
  • ASK if they inspect under any standard of Practice and strictly adhere to a Code of Ethics.
  • ASK if their service is Personalized. (Will you always be able to talk to the person who did the Inspection).
  • ASK if anyone else will be given a Copy of the Report. (Professionalism decrees that Only the Client receives a copy, Unless the Inspector is instructed otherwise by his Client.)
  • ASK what kind of Report they generate. Is it Hand Written (scratch sheets) or Computer Generated? Is it Personalized for the Home Inspected? How Long is it? How In Depth is it? Is it Given Out at the time of the Inspection or given out as a Professional Package? (Professional type, written reports and/or Combination Checklist/typed written reports, take time, require thought and are normally assembled in the Office).
  • ASK if the Inspector uses a Checklist to gather Information to ensure that all items are Inspected, or does he/she do a random "Walk Through"?
  • ASK how long the Inspection will last? Two hours is deemed the average amount of time needed to complete an Inspection. (Small, modern house with Basement). Larger, Multi-Family and older houses (100+ years) require more time.
  • ASK if Home Inspections is their only Business. (Or just a filler for other businesses).
  • ASK how long they have been doing Professional Home Inspections.
  • And Lastly; ASK the price of their Professional Services.


Top quality Professionals in this business, as well as in any Professional business, require a fee that befits their degree of expertise.

When shopping for an Inspector, Remember;


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